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Clothing & Bonnets:


Highly recommended for longevity of product:

Hand Wash in cold water with your choice of detergent/soap. Do Not Ring. Instead, lay on dry towel and gently press or roll up in towel to remove excess water, then lay flat to dry after shaping clothing.

​It is not a good idea to hang a knitted/crocheted item to dry because items can stretch considerably when wet.

Machine washing is only recommended in a machine without an agitator and in a garment bag to prevent snags and stretching/tangling.

If you see what appears to be a loose strand of yarn, do not pull or remove it as it may be where two strands have been joined. Pulling, cutting or attempting to remove it will likely result in the item unraveling. 

Pom Poms: Do not pull or tug the fibers. Pulling and tugging can cause them to fall apart.

Wooden Teethers and Toys:

Hand Wash with mild dishwashing soap of choice, pat dry/air dry. 

These are NOT dishwasher safe but are easily washed with soap and water.

As with any and all wooden utensils and products, it is strongly advised to treat your wooden ring with a food-grade oil of choice (i.e. Olive, Avocado, Coconut, etc.) which is not known to be an allergen to your child in order to prevent splitting and splintering after hand washing.

***Do not leave any product or it's packaging with an unsupervised child. If product becomes damaged, please discard. Adult supervision is strongly advised at all times while products are being used. Babies and children should never be left alone with any teething products at any time. Constant inspections are advised and discard after any signs of wear and tear.