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My dream, My goal, Why I do this.

April 10, 2019


My family is one of tradition and sentiment. We save items and pass them down from generation to generation, through siblings, cousins, from grandparents, from parents.

And through social media I have found others, much like myself, who share the sentiment and share an appreciation for items that will be passed down to others. I completely understand that certain items are not for daily wear by infants and toddlers because kids can be rough, but some can be. I also believe that there is something special about knowing the generations before myself and my children have worn and used certain items and they carry memories.

I read a comment from someone saying “your children will never remember wearing such items, so it’s not worth it” and that just crushed me! There are many items that I do remember wearing as a child and when I see them in photos, I actually remember what we were doing and who we were with or which holiday it was. I have photos of generations older than myself wearing and using certain items. Cardigans, dresses, hats and bonnets, blankets, books, and toys.
There’s history in these items. I’ve saved items from my oldest son that each child has worn and played with and I plan to save these items for grandchildren. There is something magical about it.

I have people tell me what they think I “should” be doing or making, and it’s because they don’t understand what I’m trying to do in the first place. So I found myself making things that they suggested, adding so many random new things to the shop, and I was spreading myself thin. I had too many “things” going on. 


Each and every item I make is special to me and is made with care.
I love the classics.
I love timeless pieces.
But I also appreciate individuality.
I love history.
I prefer quality over quantity.

And I do it because I genuinely love it!

And when I am able to see photos of a little one wearing something I’ve made (as expressed in my post on January 15th), it means the world. It means a lot that somebody can appreciate a handmade item, something that I’ve made, something that they may save for future friends and family members, and if it’s not saved, I still love that they appreciated it enough to dress their loved one in it.

We are all different. We all share different sentiments and different values. So for me, my shop, my family, I love the idea of making things that will be loved and possibly saved, or will be worn for special life events and photos that will be cherished forever. And if it doesn’t, I still appreciate your support and any memory my creations have been a part of. ❤️

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My dream, My goal, Why I do this.

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